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What do we mean by worry-free energy data?

Energy data has been a challenge that has slowed down the development of EMSs and energy conservation. With Smart EO, this is now done in a seamless and worry-free manner.

Our job starts when there is a need for energy data. Our objective is to make this entire process as painless as possible.

This means that we take care of all the complex nitty gritty of establishing and supplying data: From scoping, logistics and integration to data processing, operation and maintenance. The data is delivered via our Application Programming Interface (API) with no installation costs or other up-front expenses. We take responsibility for the entire process, and for ensuring that it works. That is why we call it worry-free energy data.

We take responsibility for the entire process

Up to now, obtaining high-quality energy data has been a frustrating, expensive and time-consuming process. You have had to deal with multiple vendors and systems that don’t talk to each other, and you have not been able to trust that the data you obtain is, in fact, accurate. We have resolved this through the continuous development of our data solutions, which has led to unique services for data control and washing, and the disaggregation of electrical loads, to name a few.

Worry-free energy data means that we take responsibility for ensuring that everything works. We carry out on-site inspections, installation work and safeguard uptime. We contact installers from our international network and make sure the process moves forward.

We are able to do so because we are a major player who can carry substantial capital costs and because we are confident that the solutions we supply will remain in place for a long time. We have developed software and processes on the basis of broad experience. As a result, we can install, configure and integrate new and existing data logging structures faster and more cost-effectively than if this were done ad hoc.


We take care of:
  • On-site inspection

  • Installation and/or integration of data logging


  • Data collection

  •  Data processing

  • Data refinement

  • Delivery of data via API


It starts before installation

We often have to install new data logging equipment in the building concerned. In that case, we will ask for any

necessary information about the installation, such as circuit lists, wiring diagrams and images. Sometimes, this provides enough information to be able to install the data logging infrastructure. Sometimes, we perform an on-site inspection to get a better overview of the building and the opportunities available. Having performed an on-site inspection, we will propose a scope for data logging, so that you are kept fully informed.

Where possible, we integrate and configure the existing data logging structure or combine both new and existing data loggers. We coordinate all necessary activities and communicate with relevant personnel at the building concerned.


Quality control

Once the system has been installed, or integration with existing systems has been established, we start a verification process on our data platform to check that we are getting all the data we should. All the data is made available via our API, so that you can start using it straight away.

During this process, we uncover and correct any faults in existing systems, which means you experience the benefits of the new setup at a very early stage.


Uptime and replacement of hardware

After the verification and startup of the API on our platform, we move into the operational phase. Here, we take responsibility for both uptime and, of course, for ensuring that the data maintains the high quality and resolution you need to provide services to your customers. And since we own the equipment we supply, we also bear the cost if it should need replacing. If our hardware goes down, we make sure it is replaced, as part of the cost of the service.

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