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What is high-quality energy data?

Smart EO gives you energy data that is ready-processed to a high level of accuracy. We call it worry-free, high-quality energy data.

Do you need good energy data to provide the services your customers are asking for? Until now, such data has been both expensive and difficult to source, and the data could be of dubious quality. Unfortunately, current solutions often provide low- resolution, retrospective insights and unreliable data points. We have the solution.

As a Smart EO customer, you can provide your EMS to all buildings, regardless of whether the data loggers are supplied by us or are already installed. In any event, Smart EO delivers energy data of a higher quality than you are used to.

Example: An outgoing power cable has three phases: 1-2-3. A typical fault that can arise during installation is that the phases become 2-3-1 instead. If that happens, the data logger generally gives a completely incorrect reading. Our algorithm can identify and correct this type of error so that you always get the correct data.


So what is Smart EO?

Smart EO is a data solution that provides quality-assured energy data from buildings. This makes it possible to obtain information in real time, down to component level. And it is here that the data becomes interesting and makes a difference, so that your customers can use it.

Do they, for example, know how their building actually uses energy? Do they know which components are working as intended and which are operating sub-optimally? When operating and technical faults are uncovered at an early stage, the components’ lifespans are extended. At the same time, logging the loads drawn by the various components often provides opportunities to make significant energy savings – through smarter energy use. This is what we call high-quality energy data.

Smart EO provides you with such energy data in real time and at component level. We carry out the installation and integration work, and deliver the data via our Application Programming Interface (API). There are no installation costs or other up- front expenses, and a low monthly charge. In fact, we take care of everything.


High-quality energy data

For us, energy data becomes high-quality data when it has been through quality control and has been processed and standardised for its specific purpose. You get data at the resolution you want and measure what you need to measure. Pure and simple.

Example in Oslo: We collected data from 125 existing data loggers in a building. Our cloud solution washed and structured the data, which was previously inaccessible, before it was delivered in real time to the customer via our API. The algorithms discovered data errors from ten of the energy data loggers, including the main meter, and reconstructed the actual energy consumption.

What constitutes a high enough level of data quality will, of course, depend on what the data is going to be used for. Different uses will lead to different requirements for reliability, resolution and lag. Our baseline is an extremely high level of data resolution, no lag and unbeatable reliability. The data coming in is always of the highest quality, so you can best meet your customers’ needs.

Take reliability, for example. 1 kWh should be 1 kWh. Sources from hardware to installation to data transfer can all result in 1 kWh no longer being 1 kWh. We have specialised in safeguarding this at all stages, so that you can be confident that 1kWh is, and will remain, 1 kWh.

Resolution: We supply data at the level of resolution you want. Do you, for example, need to log every single fan in an office building, preferably every minute? We can do that. We just need to know what you want to log. Needs can be difficult to translate into solutions but have a chat with us and, together, we will find a way to extract the data at the resolution you require.

Do you need high-quality energy data? Let us show you Smart EO




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