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High-quality energy data at a low price?

High-quality energy data at a low price? Do you think energy data should have high quality and an affordable price? So do we.

Up to now, energy data has been expensive, unreliable and difficult to get hold of. Through a process of continuous development, we have created data solutions that verify the quality of incoming data in real time, and can correct or flag errors. In this way, the energy data you obtain is of the quality you expect at a price you can live with. We call this worry-free energy data, which means that we take responsibility for ensuring that everything works. But how do we do it?

The short answer is that we have developed our own specialised methods. We have created unique services for data verification, the washing of data and disaggregation of electrical energy loads. We have developed software and processes that enable us to install, configure and integrate new and existing data logging structures faster and more cost-effectively than you could do it yourself – or if you tried to manage a similar project on your own. Everything else has been peeled away.

In addition, we have an owner who does not shy away from making long-term investments in necessary infrastructure. That goes for the hardware we install at your premises. We have a social mission and a commercial mission, and are willing to take a risk and invest to contribute to the green transition.

We also plan on our hardware remaining at your premises for a long time. That is why we have a low monthly fee and you are entirely at liberty to cancel the agreement once the lock-in period has expired. We are confident that you will be so satisfied that you will never replace us. So we are willing to take that risk.

We call it worry-free energy data.



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